Yama-no-Ie 「IRIDANI」

You can stay by the old ways,about 100years ago.


There is nothing around, but sure would give you a sense of Japanese countryside’s villages’ tradition,when you go into the mountainous area in Totsukawa-village,Nara prf. At “Yama-no-Ie”in Kamiyukawa, you can stay by the old ways,about 100years ago. Let’s try to control the flame inside old styled cooking stove,for cooking delicious rice with flavor.
Furthermore you can have a chance to take bath in hot-tub steamed by burning chopped fire-woods. In summer time you can play in the beautiful clear water river flowing just beside “Yama-no-Ie”.
Or you will find the variety of ways to enjoy inconvenience in this isolated place! 。

Equipment outline

山の家 「入谷」


558-2,Kamiyukawa,Totsukawa-mura,Yoshino-gun,Nara prf.Japan. Zip code 637-1559

Accommodation type

Old styled Japanese country house with tatami-matted rooms.

Common use facilities

Fully equipped kitchen,bath room with wood-fired hot tub,toilet which has seat with bidet functions,TV,laundry,parking space for 6cars.

Futon-bedding capacity

Up to 15

Room fee

JPY3000(per night,per adult person included tax,without meal)
JPY1000(under 12years old) .
※Children under 6years old are free,no charge.

Maximum length of stay

One week

About meal

Negotiable. Catering service is possible.We can offer guests a cook staff for preparing meal.
Or guests can make dinner and breakfast by using kitchen.
Neither restaurant nor grocery store for buying food nearby.

Special features

All fire-woods for hot tub are prepared for free. All guests can use the abundant pure&clear flowing water,of course drinkable.


Only cash(JPY). No credit card accepted.

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